Gillette Venus Swirl Review

 Influenster sent me this razor for free, but all opinions are my own.  


Here's the deal. I've always been a cheap razor user. Sure, I've dabbled in the art of luxury razors but when it comes time to buy cartridges I always chicken out and go back to the basics. About a year ago I fell in love with the affordable and amazing Dorco razors. They fit the bill-luxurious, cheap, and effective. I didn't feel too bad using cartridges and my body got shaved. Hooray.  


But then, the Gillette Venus swirl came into my life. On the ground, it seemed like an alright razor. I tried to roll the ball around and-turns out, it doesn't really do that. (It does however squeak in horror as you try to roll it around; this is a proven fact.) 

Now I took this little guy into the shower, lathered up with some Fun by Lush, shaved my legs-and my legs have never been so smooth. I'm literally feeling my silky smooth legs as you read this. Now I can't speak to the longevity of the razor just yet. But upon first use, this is by far the best shaving tool I've used. The results are immediate and pass up the dorco in terms of effectiveness. 

This is me trying to rotate the ball.  

This is me trying to rotate the ball.  

It was easy to use, and the results speak for themselves. I'm not sure if the little metal ball is really the reason why this one is so good-maybe it is. But I highly suggest you pick one up just for this first-time, silky smooth experience.  It looks like you can buy it at Walmart for about $6.95, each cartridge after that is about $4.50. If you can afford this luxury in your life-I highly recommend you add it to your monthly budget and daily regimen. So soft. So smooth. Probably magic. 


This is how flexible this razor is. As you can see, it can either glide at 30 degrees or 90.  


With love, 



P.S. this month's causebox went perfectly with our razor! 


Buried Seed Visualization and Mindfulness Exercise

I created this 6 minute very visual mindfulness exercise to demonstrate movement through darkness into the light.  It takes you on the journey of a seed, you as a seed, where you begin buried in suffering and darkness, and grow into a strong little plant with resilience.  

I begin and end this exercise with a little breathing exercise to help you get into a mindful mindset.  It helps you stay grounded throughout the exercise and maintain a calm and steady state*.  

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An Honest Review of 2 Chalkola Products + Product Demos!

Chalkola sent us two products to review, of which I have created a YouTube video with additional and related review information (including more product demos and content!).  They are a small, family owned chalk marker business.  What is special about these markers is that they are supposed to be bright and vibrant colors that would replace dusty chalk and possibly other less vibrant chalk markers.  They work best on non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, plastics, glass, and whiteboards.  The Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers with 10 Chalk Pens and 6 Metallic Markers retails for $18.90 on Amazon and $18.95 on the Chalkola website.  The Chalkola Platinum Series with 8 Jumbo Tip Markers retails for $23.90 on Amazon and $23.95 on the Chalkola website.  The company CEO was nice enough to give our readers 15% off on both Amazon and their website with CODE: 15OFFSTR.   

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An Ode to the Donut

I want to talk about my lover.  My passionate, sweet, delectable, beautiful, hot, sexy, delicious love affair.  He is irresistible.  I can't get my hands...or of him.  I am so addicted to him that I wrote a free verse poem about which you can apply your own tune, if you wish.  And you can peer longingly at him in these mouthwatering pictures to go along with my poem.          

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Dairy Free Gluten Free Banana Bread

When I think of fall I think of pumpkin everything, fall leaves, warm drinks such as lattes, and reds, oranges, and yellows.  But for me, today is the day for quick bread.  Delicious quick bread that just happens to be banana instead of pumpkin.  This bread SERIOUSLY has it all.  It is incredibly moist, soft, and full of banana flavor.  It is the real deal (and I'm pretty sure I can use this recipe to sub in pumpkin for the banana but I haven't tried it yet). 

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Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick Swatches and In-Depth Review

Makeup Forever, aka the gold standard for cutting edge makeup, recently came out with (spoiler alert) my new favorite lipsticks. I was extremely fortunate that Influenster sent me three shades to review (to be clear, I paid nothing for these, and they still blew my mind.) "You're getting MUFE lipsticks" -it was literally the happiest email I've gotten in months. So let's start with my favorite parts: the design (specifically the extremely pointy and beautiful tip you start off with), the staying power, the insane color payoff, the price (yes, the price), the application, the formula, the color selection, and the finish. At the end we'll talk about the unfortunate transferring that happens, and the easy solution to all your smudging woes. I'm still having mixed feelings about the sleek minimalist packaging, but I'll get to that eventually. All in good time.

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Influenster Sprout Vox Box

I have been signed up for Influenster since late April and was lucky enough to receive my first box this month.  This seems to be a quick turnaround time to get a Vox Box, as many people have had to wait to receive their very first box for a long time.  I did a video on our YouTube channel discussing how I felt about Influenster as a newbie in addition to a full video review of this box.  I will post both videos below.  Additionally, it was crazy that I received a Vox Box that had 4 samples, 2 full size products, and one 1/3 size product (maybe a travel size?).  As I understand it, Influenster sends out Vox Boxes with varying amounts of product, and I feel like this is a good sized box.  

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What's the best deal? The Ultimate Sephora Promo Code List: Retail Value Break Down May - June 2016

Here you'll find an archive of all Sephora rewards, promo codes, and gifts with purchase. All of these deluxe samples are free with $25 purchase on Sephora's website, unless otherwise stated. Some of the release dates are estimates. Please note that the estimated values of perfume and shampoo samples will vary, as a perfume's value is not set per ounce. If I were to use the largest perfume for sale, which normally has the steepest discount, the value of the perfume sample would be about $5-8, but if I use the value of a smaller bottle, the value may be $20. So, be sure to take into account what full size amount I list next to products that have varying sizes and prices. 

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Birchbox May 2016 Review

Birchbox costs $10 a month, or $110 a year, unless you're savvy and get your year long subscription on Black Friday, then it costs you $6.41 a box, which is what I did. The best part about Birchbox is that you can review your samples for anywhere from $5-7 in Birchbox store cash. 

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