Recycled Green Onions

Over the years, I have developed a love for container gardening.  I love small space container gardening in particular due to living in a student living apartment for the majority of my college career.  Some of my favorite gardening ideas came from that apartment.  One of my favorites is re-using store-bought vegetables and herbs and re-planting them for future use.  Of all of those in the produce section of the grocery store, my go-to for re-planting is green onions.  Some of my other favorites are celery and bok choy.  Green onions come straight from the store with roots and all!  And best of all, one bunch is less than $1!  I usually put them in water for a bit to ensure the roots absorb some water.

Isn't this container adorable?  I bought it from a Japanese dollar store-like retail shop called Daiso for $1.50.  This container did not have drain holes, which I find very necessary for the health of plants.  I used a ¼” drill bit to create them. 

My husband informed me that this wood is most likely treated, but we both agreed that adding an acrylic sealer couldn’t hurt to increase its chances of staying preserved from the elements.  The product that was used here is Patricia Nimock's Clear Acrylic Sealer.  I sprayed 3 coats on all sides of the planter, including the bottom.   

I find playing with dirt very therapeutic.  I love massaging my hands, with or without gloves, through the dirt.  I even find it therapeutic to place the dirt over and over again into the planter.  It is so soft and I love the earthy smell. 

Doesn’t the planter look magical and earthy?

Poke holes in the dirt to make space for the green onion roots.  This container is pretty shallow, so I went pretty deep.


Place green onions in hole and pat down dirt to secure.


Water generously until water drains through holes.  Do not overwater or water too frequently when re-watering as roots may have a tendency to rot.  


When you are ready to enjoy your green onions, snip from above the little "forks" in the shoots.  Allow shoots to grow before harvesting again.  Enjoy your abundance of green onions over and over again!

Do you have any recyclable produce favorites?