Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gifts 2016 Price Breakdown

The choice is difficult: skin care or makeup? An almost impossible question to answer. Especially because Sephora doesn't clearly show how much of each product you get in this lovely photo. So I decided to do some research.

Marc Jacobs Gift

Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 0.03 oz $7.50

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner .001 oz (It is really hard to read the label, it looks like 0.01 oz, however the full size is .01 oz, so I am assuming it means .001 oz.) $2.50

Total value: $10

Fresh Gift

Soy Face Cleanser .6oz $4.47

Rose Face Mask .6oz $11.27

Total value: 15.74

Now, it is time to decide what you really want in life, a clean face, or a smoked out bombshell makeup look. (That eyeliner is a super interesting consistency, really black but easily smudged out, for the perfect smokey eye.) Go forth with this knowledge and choose wisely.