PetGiftBox March 2016 Review + Coupon

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription (that is almost always having some sort of promotion! We got this subscription on Black Friday, and our first box was $1! We've also had subscriptions through Groupon that were $9.99 for one month, so be sure to check there, too!) Their cheapest option is for a twelve month subscription at $18.99 a month, but if you just want to buy one box it will cost you $28.99 with no coupon. Decker actually has his own code, so if you want to support us, you can use his code "Decker" get 25% off your first box! 

This month's theme is Woof-Out-Loud/stand-up comedy. I love that they always have cute paper/sticker combinations!

This is what the box looked like when I opened it up. No rearranging or anything!

Silly Faces Big Smile $6.99 This toy is so much fun! I was thinking about getting Decker one of these anyway, so it came just in time! I think they're hilarious, and this toy is perfect for the theme!

In theory, they are supposed to work like this. When your dog grabs onto the small nub behind the mouth, it will look like they're smiling. We found, however, that more often than not, it ends up looking like the picture below.

Decker had to check out each item as I took it out of the box. He was so patient! I can't imagine what he is thinking while I wasted valuable play-time taking pictures. Come on, lady! Get it together! There are fun things in there!

LOL Treats $6.99 These treats are soy, wheat and corn free! Which is great for doggies with allergies. Decker loved these (which is saying a lot because he is very picky), but he really wanted to get to the Funny Bone. 

Doggy Delirious Dog Treats $3.99 I love how this box is so well-balanced; there is something for everyone! Two toys, two treats, and one chew!

Funny Bone $8.99 Decker loved this. He kept eye-balling it while I was unboxing, and then when I opened it, he went nuts for it! He is a pretty aggressive chewer when he wants to be (with bully sticks and busy bones mostly), and I was really surprised how well this chew is holding up! I'd say it's worth the $8.99 if it keeps him entertained and happy for longer than 20 minutes! He seems to really like it, it is a very fragrant toy, it's a hickory-smoked knuckle, and just be careful when opening one of these, I spilled crumbs that were sitting in the crevices of the plastic all over the floor. 

Hilarious Plush Toy $8.99 We love Woody the Woodpecker in this household, so this was a great surprise! It is a plush toy so we can't let the puppy have it quite yet, he really loves to take the stuffing right out of anything that has stuffing. One great thing about this toy is that it has an interesting squeaker! It's basically a recording of a laugh, which is again, perfect for the theme and very mentally stimulating for smart dogs! However, it can get annoying if you have a dog who loves to push the button a lot! Luckily Decker is pretty gentle with his stuffed toys, so he only hit the button once while playing with it. It seems he's conserving the battery for when Finny is old enough to play with it, and push the button until our ears implode.  

This box has a total retail value of $35.95, which is great considering we paid $23.99 for it! We love getting pet boxes, because we always have new, interesting training treats and fun toys, so they don't get bored (and the puppy doesn't go chewing something he's not supposed to have!)

Until next time,

Lauren & Decker