Silver and White Hand Dipped Style Succulent Planter DIY Target Dollar Spot Find $3

While roaming the three isles of the Target dollar spot (you know, the only safe place in Target for a spendaholic like myself), I found the planter of my dreams. It was cheap, $3, it was fake, so I couldn't kill it, and it was super adorable. When I got it home, I was completely satisfied with it, until I got the urge to paint. In a past life I was subscribed to many a nail polish box, and I only use a few of them. So I decided to put them to use here. 

Make sure your planter is completely clean and dried. Don't let dirt trip up your DIY pursuits. Use white acrylic paint if your white nail polish, like most white nail polishes, is sheer and useless.  

Painting the rim of the planter is super crucial, I tried to leave it blank, but it just looked unfinished. I lifted the "plants" up to paint the rim, but kind of failed. I also had to paint this a few times, because it is super porous. 

I used a white nail polish by Square Hue, and I painted two coats. Try and do this in a ventilated area. I didn't, and I'm pretty sure I've lost brain cells since. Two coats will give it a glossy finish, as if it were glazed and fired in a kiln! (Sort of.)

Here I took a top coat that was reaching the end of it's life and poured it over my dried project. This gave it an even glossier look, and it helped seal in my work. 

Here I used China Glaze's "Check out the Silver Fox" from "The Great Outdoors" collection. You can use any kind of paint here. I decided to paint the bottom third of the flower pot. 

The final result! I also painted a terra-cotta pot from the dollar spot. They have these for sale for $1, they come with seeds (I'm growing daisies!) and it's a great project. 

Much love,