Milk Makeup Products

Recently Milk Makeup sent us some products to review, and I'm really excited to share them with you. We got 5 products, four makeup and one hair product. In addition to their crazy makeup packaging, Milk has an interesting spread of products, ranging from natural deodorants to spray nail polish. They're an interesting company for sure. Let's get into the products! 

Eye Pigment in the shade Rave $24 This product is basically a cream eye shadow. I accidentally put too much on my eye the first time, and it really accentuated my eyelid wrinkles. Awesome. It is unlike anything I have ever owned. It has an almost iridescent finish, and it is a very fun shade. It goes on like paint, and dries down really quickly. I found that I like to use it for editorial photoshoots, it makes a great, interesting lip color. I think other professionals will love this product for that purpose. For everyone else, it is really bright, but doesn't come off as super purple on the lip like it does on the hand; however, I still think this shade will only make an appearance for special occasions (or as small accents in an eye look) for me. 

Oil Lip Stain in the shade Tude $18 This product is extremely nourishing, and it adds a really natural-looking flush to the lips. You can also layer it to boost the intensity of the shade. Oh, did I mention all their products are cruelty free? That's a huge win. 

As you can see here the applicator is a rollerball, which I found interesting. It works well. I didn't have any problems, you just have to be careful not to squeeze too hard. 

This is the stain applied without blending, and below is more what it would look like on the lips. 

Lip Color in the shade Freshhh $22 This lipstick is really pigmented. I can use just one swipe, and it's perfectly opaque. I'm really interested in trying their other shades now! This color reminds me of a Barbie lipstick, so if you're going for that look, you should definitely pick this up. It is very bright, and again, like the oil lip stain, it is so nourishing. I believe it's a demi-matte finish, and it lasts for a few hours.  

The name of this lip color (Freshhh) suggests that their target audience is like people age 10-25, but they're not really marketing to my mom or grandmother (although some grandmas are more adept at using Instagram than we are, so they might be up on all the pop-culture lingo. You rock that Barbie pink lipstick grandma. You go, girl.)

You get a ton of product in here! I was not expecting to be able to twist this lipstick up so high. 

Here's the shade swatched. 

Gel Brow in the shade Pilsner $18 This brow color is so creamy. It works like a brow gel or wax and color in one. It will glue your eyebrows to your face (not literally, don't be scared) and add some color to your brows. It's very effective. It made filling in my brows like 3x faster than using the brow wiz! There are only three colors, but I actually prefer that to having to choose between four shades that might work for me.  

It's tip is really soft, so this is what it looks like after two uses. You have to sharpen it to get more product, it does not twist up. 

This spoolie is super rough. Maybe because it's not gunked up with product like my other spoolies, but I think I will just use another one instead up unintentionally exfoliating my eyebrow skin every time I do my makeup. 

Dry Shampoo $14 This dry shampoo smells amazing. It has a really fresh, maybe slightly citrusy scent; it's subtle, and I could only really smell it when I was actively spraying it on my hair. (I sprayed it into the air and could not smell anything.) It did not leave a residue on my hair, but I had to use a few sprays, and this bottle is pretty small for the price. 

Here's the light brown eyebrow gel swatched. 

Here are some kind of unconventional things I did with their makeup: