Influenster Sprout Vox Box

I have been signed up for Influenster since late April and was lucky enough to receive my first box this month.  This seems to be a quick turnaround time to get a Vox Box, as many people have had to wait to receive their very first box for a long time.  I did a video on our YouTube channel discussing how I felt about Influenster as a newbie in addition to a full video review of this box.  I will post both videos below.  Additionally, it was crazy that I received a Vox Box that had 4 samples, 2 full size products, and one 1/3 size product (maybe a travel size?).  As I understand it, Influenster sends out Vox Boxes with varying amounts of product, and I feel like this is a good sized box.  

*I received these items from Influenster for testing purposes and my opinions are my own.  I apologize in advance if these pics are blurry.  These were taken at night.  I couldn't wait to take pictures of the products!  I will try to be more patient and take them in the daytime next time! 

*I received these items from Influenster for testing purposes and my opinions are my own.  I apologize in advance if these pics are blurry.  These were taken at night.  I couldn't wait to take pictures of the products!  I will try to be more patient and take them in the daytime next time! 

The box seems to be geared toward more "natural" products (I have a saved up soapbox for natural products, but that's for another day).  I really love the variety of products in here and the packaged samples are a good size.  As a whole, the box looks so pretty laid out like this!  I didn't take a picture of how it came, partially because it was dark when I got the box, but also because it did not come with any fancy filling or in a pretty setup.          

The products came in the "normal" Influenster box.  The box was quite damaged (bent, boxed edges) but surprisingly the products inside were just fine.  I guess the chips cushioned everything!  The box came with a card describing each product and the retail value of the FULL SIZE product.  I only received one full size product so this was not super helpful to me, except in the event that I decide to purchase the full size product in the future.

Let's start with the food!

EatSmart Snacks Three Bean Garlic Hummus Tortilla Chips-The 7 oz. bag costs $3.99.  I think they had 2 options for flavors.  They claim that they are "creating snacks of bold flavors of nature, like garlic or peppers" (read straight from the card) and have "14 grams of whole grains, are gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients".  These were quite tasty.  The garlic flavor was high, and you can definitely taste the hummus-y flavor, which could be due to the three beans in the formula.  You definitely don't need any salsa or dip for these chips.  They are delicious on their own!

Curate Dark and Tempting Bars: The 1.5 oz. bar costs $1.89 and a 4-count carton costs $6.49.  This brand claims to take "a culinary approach to nutritious snacking" while they "bring together real food ingredients to create unexpected, yet brilliant food combinations".  This was a tasty bar, but the ingredients they claim you can taste were slightly underwhelming.  This bar had mission figs, which were strong as I believe these were the main "bulk" of the product, as well as flavors of orange (slight presence), and balsamic vinegar (no presence).  Good flavor, but difficult to determine the underlying flavors as you eat it.  Would I pay nearly $2.00 for a snack bar?  Unlikely.  

Orgain Protein Powder in Vanilla Bean: 1.62 oz. of the protein powder is enough for one 4 oz. drink and the approximate value is $2.43.  Full size costs $23.99 for one pound of product.  Honestly, I do not drink protein drinks made with protein powder of any sort.  They are usually gritty, taste disgusting, and sometimes has a fibrous texture.  Unfortunately, this one was not much different.  Initially, it smelled amazing.  It smelled like chocolate (weird).  Then, when I mixed it in water (I wish I had almond milk or a smoothie to put it in), it actually dissolved in water fairly nicely.  MInimal grittiness and smoothness were attributes that I did like.  The flavor, though, was too hard for me to bear.  The stevia and monk fruit extract just didn't do it for me for sweetness.  I like the real thing!        

Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv Serum 10 Supreme: 0.05 fl. oz. costs roughly $2.27 and the full size product costs $45.00 for 30 mL.  Both Vichy products smelled really light and fresh and the scent was pleasant.  It was definitely not overpowering.  The serum was a translucent gel.  It felt really nice on the skin and it just glided right on.  I have not used many serums so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I liked the feeling of it.  I got to use the serum twice from this size sample, and was able to put it on the face and the neck.  

Vichy Laboratories Liftactiv Supreme [Cream]: 15 mL container costs $12.60.  The full size product costs $42.00 for 50 mL.  Like I said about the serum, this product smells amazing.  It is thick and creamy and white, and glides on the skin.  A small amount of Vichy product goes a long way, so I will get to use this a lot!  I felt that after using these products, my skin felt plump to the touch right away.  The card that came with the box did say that results could be immediate as well as long term.  

Clairol Hair Food Moisture Collection Shampoo and Conditioner:  The 0.66 fl. oz. cost estimate is $0.36 and for the full size 17.5 fl. oz. for just one of these in the set is $9.99.  You can find the set at Target for $15.49 for both products.  This is not very expensive, but it is a drugstore brand.  They claim that this set "is designed to soothe dry hair by adding just the right amount of hydration and shine" and is "free of parabens, silicones, and mineral oil" (the conditioner is not free of parabens, but it is free of silicones and mineral oil).  They say that the honey "soothes and revitalizes hair".  The shampoo and conditioner do not smell the same at all.  The conditioner smelled much more floral, whereas the shampoo smelled more like the honey and apricot that they claim the scent is.  I don't think this set is anything special.  My hair did feel weightless and shiny, but is it better than other products that do that at lower price points?  The verdict is still out on that.

Ecos Laundry Detergent with Built-in Fabric Softener in Magnolia and Lily: The approximate value of 1 oz of this detergent is $0.15 and the full size products are $7.25 for 50 fl. oz., $10.15 for 100 fl. oz., and $16.90 for 170 fl. oz.).  This detergent is cool because it has a built-in fabric softener.  I would love that if I didn't have so many workout clothes!  It would be extra great for towels!  The smell is pleasant, floral, but not strong.  I couldn't smell it on the clothes when they came out of the dryer, and I couldn't really tell a difference in the softness compared to other detergents.  I wish I had more to say about this, but it is what it is.   

If my math is right (math was never my strong suit), the approximate value of this box was $23.69, which is amazing considering it was free with free shipping.  I am looking forward to seeing what types of boxes I may get in the future!  

Thanks for reading!