Choix review

Choix is a subscription box that allows you to pick 5 high end makeup samples every month. It costs $20 a month, but I was fortunate enough to get this on Black Friday when it was $120 for an entire year, so $10 a month. I would be on the lookout for sales like this because they've been having them more and more often. 


So every month you get a box inside a box, as well as a lot of stuffing (which seems unnecessary but I've never had anything come broken! Except for one lip gloss but we'll overlook that.) and some extras that help you use your samples. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing the "etc." part of this subscription go. When you have to use their special spatula to get the product out of a special tube, I get it, but now that I have about a million of these unused blush brushes, I'm beginning to think it might be a waste. I think I may ask them to not include these in my boxes anymore! 


They just switched this month to a new system. Instead of getting an email every month saying "it's time to pick your samples for this month" you'll make a list of samples, and they'll pick the top five from your list to send you, so you don't have to pick them every month (although personally I liked getting the emails telling me I had some guilt-free and already-paid-for shopping to do!)  


I recently emailed them asking about approximately how much comes in each sample, here is what they told me:

Foundations: 2.5 grams

Lipglosses: Little less than 1 gram

Loose Powder: Little less than 2 grams

Lipsticks: Little less than 1 gram

Pressed Powders: half a gram

Mascaras: About a gram

Perfumes: About 3 grams

"These are approximate sizes only as some foundations (lipglosses, lipsticks etc) weigh heavier than other foundations, some lipsticks weight heavier than other lipsticks etc., and so we go by weight first but then also by aesthetic. So if a lighter foundation doesn't fill the container, we will add more so that it doesnt look too empty."

So I am using these sizes to calculate approximate retail value.  

Bobbi Brown Serum Foundation BB Alabastor $5.47 

Kevyn Aucoin The Liquid Airbrush Foundation LQ-09 $5.84 

Bobbi Brown Even Finish Foundation Warmer Ivory  $4.42 

I love Choix because I can try on as many foundation samples I like without getting weird looks.  


Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil Onyx  They didn't give me an approximate size for eyeliners but if I were to guess, and I'm terrible at guessing, I'd say it's about an eighth of a whole liner, which would bring it to about $4.50 

This sample's lid does not fit, so it is held together with washi tape. Each pencil sample is put into a tube for easy handling.  


Without the tube, you can see the real height of the pencil.  


Kevyn Aucoin The Gossamer Loose Powder Radiant Diaphanous about 1.5 grams $34.73 


The sifter for loose powders always comes taped down,  which I appreciate.