An Ode to the Donut

I want to talk about my lover.  My passionate, sweet, delectable, beautiful, hot, sexy, delicious love affair.  He is irresistible.  I can't get my hands...or of him.  I am so addicted to him that I wrote a free verse poem about which you can apply your own tune, if you wish.  And you can peer longingly at him in these mouthwatering pictures to go along with my poem.             

I long for you
during my most vulnerable times
You call to me in my dreams
in my thoughts
in everyday conversation
The yearning is unbearable
I am drawn to you

Drawn to the
sugary, yeasty goodness offered wholeheartedly by you
I am bathed in sweet, sticky goodness
Captivated by your chewy, glaze-soaked goodness
your soft, fluffy, warm, hole-y, goodness
leaves me breathless

I inhale your tantalizing sweet odor mixed with bread-y aroma
The chewy, sticky, gritty glaze melds lovingly to my teeth
I’m seduced by for your spongey, stretchy, starchy texture in my mouth
I’m enveloped in your white, sugary glaze, of which I have no desire to escape
I’m entranced by the warm, fuzzy feeling you leave in my stomach
The high of your addictive sugary sweet love leaves me wanting more, more, more...

I breathe for you
I live for you
I die for you
I love you

And yes, I did buy my lover Valentine's Day candy.  He loved it dearly.