A Brief History

It all started on long car rides, when we would put our heads together over the center console in our parents' car and annoy them for hours on end with 'The Sarah and Lauren Show.' This little creation of ours made many appearances over the years, unfortunately it rarely consisted of anything more than the weather and repeated statements of "It's 'The Sarah and Lauren Show!'" Now, 15 years later, we are slightly more entertaining and prepared with a lot more content to share with you. Unlike our unwilling, yet non-protesting parents of 1999, we hope that you are here because you want to be. Because you find our content interesting and engaging, not because you're our parents and you just can't say no.

Although if you are our parents, hi again. Promise we'll call soon.

Much love,

Sarah & Lauren


Hi, I'm Sarah.                                             I'm a recently married 27 year old yogi who believes in the power of mindfulness. I have a Master of Science in Food Science and a love for crafts, cooking, and yoga. My passions include: cuddling with my dog Fresca, laughing with my husband, and working out. There's nothing I love more than a good trip to TJMaxx or finding something on clearance--especially crafting materials! I constantly strive to make innovative new creations. I've always loved to make things with my hands. As a kid, I made origami, balloon animals, and pipe cleaner art. I've since graduated to painting and transforming everyday items into fun, useful, and trendy creations. My dream is to one day have a farm with llamas and/or alpacas, because they are incredible animals. And their fur makes super soft sweaters like you wouldn't believe.  

Hi, I'm Lauren.
I'm a 21 year old semi-successful photographer/graphic design artist (see my website here). I love watching mesmerizing nail art on Instagram, buying makeup I don't need, petting puppies, and peeking at subscription box spoilers. I have a major shopping addiction for which I plan on seeking no care. I love both a high-end luxury purchase, you know the kind, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, and Kendra Scott, and the double discount clearance section at the dollar store equally. I have a service dog named Decker and an unhealthy love for dairy-free ice cream. I feel like I've just written an online dating profile. This is awkward. The perfect conclusion to my biography is most definitely a feeling of awkward tension. 

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